Conversations are assigned based on skills and past conversations and past agents, for a business conversation that’s simply better.

Increase Agent Engagement

TDC BRIDGE™ minimizes the required training time for new agents with a quick to learn, intuitive interface.  No longer will agents need to be subjected to the angry wrath of a customer’s voice.  Instead, our intelligent messaging platform™ enhances the natural intelligence™of agents with automations, documented history and protection from undesirable vitriol.

Easy to Learn and Demonstrate Skills-Based Expertise

Platform is easy to use and intuitive. Agents have access and can easily create canned responses for consistent and prompt communications. Routing of inbound queries can be done on a skills basis encouraging agents to build up their repertoire of expertise. Coaching tools are seamlessly integrated.


Increase Agent Job Satisfaction

Agents are no longer subjected to listening to abusive language and can respond promptly with canned replies or given the asynchronous communication, the agent has time to adequately search for the complete and proper response.


Agents are Protected from Angry Customers

Text messaging offers a means to defuse even the angriest of customers, especially when their questions appear to be handled promptly with the Natural Intelligence™ of a well-coached text agent.