TEN DIGIT has developed a proprietary patented* Intelligent Messaging platform™ capable of providing better customer experience, higher agent satisfaction and substantial gains in agent productivity.

Carrier Grade Bi-Directional SMS/MMS Messaging

Send and receive true carrier grade SMS attached to any business phone number, including toll free numbers.  High speed texting for Enterprise and Government applications.


Assign, Transfer and Pin

Handle texting like a team, assigning them to available agents.  Seamlessly transfer incoming customers to other co-workers or even other teams.  Pin customers so that they automatically return to you or your team upon their reengagement in conversation.  Transcripts move with the customers, so no need for the customer to repeat themselves and all company agents are fully apprised of past conversations.


Manage the Start and End of Conversations

Automate the beginning of a conversation to gather information, saving agent time. Automate the end of a conversation  for surveys and follow up. Save conversation data in outside software and services.


Integrate Organization Data

Display information for your agents from external data sources like Salesforce or from legacy data sources. Save the transcript of the conversation after the conversation is complete.


Analyze Conversations in Real Time

See what your customers are saying in real time.  Analyze conversations to show the most important topics under discussions.  See which agents handle specific topics.  Zero in on actual conversations about specific topics.


Schedule and Manage Notifications

Send notifications to groups within your contact database.  Schedule notifications based upon time and date, or based upon system events such as creation of and/or last conversation, as examples.


Secured Messaging for Regulated Industries

Keep confidential communications such as healthcare or financial information safe and private using encryption during transmission as well as storage.  Appropriate for health care (HIPAA), financial (FINRA), government and security deployments.

Boost Natural Intelligence of Agent with Automations

Routine automations available for auto-replies and keyword prompts, including whisper conversations, training and supervisory purposes.  Agents may also drive automations to start or complete a conversation, as appropriate.  Or, during a conversation, automations may be engaged to complete rote tasks such as the collection of a physical address or account validation – all under the watchful eye of the agent.


Real Time Translation of Conversations in Over 100 Languages

Detect the respective languages of the agent and customer and automatically convert between them.  Each only needs to see their respective language, although the original and translation is available for analysis purposes.


Eliminate On Hold with Push to Talk

Like the modern call model which starts with a text message, encourage your customers to begin conversations with a text message, then escalate to a voice conversation with the push of a button. Eliminate ‘On-Hold’ frustrations and your customers never lose their place in the queue and can stay connected with the same agent.


Link SMS Text Messaging with Social Networks

Although SMS Text Messaging is universally available on all smart phones, don’t limit your channels.  Meet your customers where they already are or will be in the future.  We connect with seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, TigerText, and Matrix messaging networks among others.



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