Consumer Smartphone Technology, the Internet and AI Are Transforming Customer Care Centers

TEN DIGIT Communications via its TDC Bridge™ patented platform* giving customer care centers the intelligent messaging tools they need to keep pace with innovations and automation in communications technology.

The Modern Caller

  • Over 90% of Americans use smartphones
  • The converse using text, voice, web, and media sharing
  • They are “app weary” and unlikely to download your company’s app
  • The want to talk to businesses like they talk to friends

The Modern Call Model™

  • Enables Agents to use text, voice, link and photo sharing
  • Eliminates “on hold”
  • Reduces dropped or missed calls and handling time
  • Minimizes transfers, auto-attendant, and customer frustration
  • Solves BYOD
  • Increases customer and satisfaction and efficiency



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TDC Bridge / Intelligent Messaging Platform