TEN DIGIT Communications Awarded Patent for TDC BRIDGE

Intelligent Messaging™ Platform

Customers now talk to business as easily as they talk to friends with a patented platform that enables call-center phone lines to work like smartphones, where agents text, call, or share links to resolve issues faster.

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Hartford, CT – TEN DIGIT Communications LLC (“TEN DIGIT”) has been awarded a United States patent for their core technology platform. The company was approved for patent protection on Sept 12, 2017.

The patented platform, TDC Bridge™, goes beyond other messaging systems currently in the market, by providing the ability to respond and engage intelligently with customers who prefer to use text, rather than endure the inconvenience of being placed ‘on-hold’ to wait for an available agent.

With over 90% of Americans now relying on smartphones, business contact centers can improve the customer experience by engaging a modern call model that incorporates text-based communication. TEN DIGIT’s platform enables business voice lines to work like a smartphone.  Agents can use text, voice, pictures and secure link sharing to make conversations easy, friendly and more effective.

The patented technology is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) under the TDC Bridge brand. With over a hundred unique features, the platform integrates with multiple messaging platforms, a company’s CRM database, and Artificial Intelligence systems to intelligently recognize callers, access call history, provide auto responses, perform language translation, and automatically redirect or flag incoming texts based on keywords.

TEN DIGIT’s Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Howe, whose team developed the platform, says, “This patent describes a device that organizes messaging, like SMS, into conversations that have a beginning and an end. This is important because businesses require this functionality to connect communications and workflow: billing, assignment, transfer, post-call work and more.”

Howe added, “In the modern call model, messaging typically starts the session, not voice. More often no voice actually happens. Yet all the business requirements still exist: billing, assignment, transfer, and post-call work. To implement a system that mirrors how we use mobile smart phones, we need a system that uses messaging as the backbone, not voice. This patent covers systems designed to create sessions, uniquely identified by the source and destination addresses that can be assigned and ended. In short, it’s a TextBX.”

TEN DIGIT’s Chief Executive Officer, Gary Brandt, says, “Business voice lines have not evolved since the 1980s, and voice-based customer service is labor intensive and costly for companies.  Since then, the Internet, mobile phones, messaging, CRM databases, and Artificial Intelligence have revolutionized business.”  TEN DIGIT’s patented software creates a bridge so that outdated business telephony can seamlessly integrate with all of these new technologies to create productivity gains and improve the customer experience in dealing with contact centers.

Brandt added, “Our TDC Bridge platform can be set up in as little as a day and rapidly scaled with no large legacy system or hardware to buy, and no app to develop or impose upon a customer.  We are transforming how contact centers do business by giving them a much needed modern call model.”

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With TDC Bridge™ Intelligent Messaging™, business can meet customers where they are. Our easy-to-deploy platform enables business phone lines to work like consumer smart phones.  Agents use calls, text, link sharing and photos for conversations that are comfortable, convenient and productive. Now customers can talk to business as easily as they talk to friends. Companies reduce cost, increase revenue and bridge an important gap between smartphone users and legacy contact centers.  The result: Great conversations, better outcomes, and the best relationships.

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By Nan Price, Metro Hartford Alliance 

Innovative communications start-up TEN DIGIT Communications recently took up residence at Upward Hartford. President and Co-Founder Gary Brandt offered advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and explained the importance of contributing to Hartford’s innovation hub.

INNOVATION DESTINATION HARTFORD: When and how did the entrepreneurial bug hit? Is this your first startup?

GARY BRANDT: I came from a public accounting background. I worked in telecom and then clean tech and renewable energy. I gravitated toward working with “the smartest people in the room.” So I’ve had a good run with working with engineers who make innovative new things. I seem to have found a role working with them, helping them put the business skin on technologies.

I’ve had this in my blood for quite some time. This isn’t my first startup, I’ve had several, including my own consulting business, Blue Ridge Consulting.

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Gary Brandt is President and Co-Founder of TEN DIGIT Communications,
an innovative telecommunications startup located in the
Upward Hartford co-working space