Long hold times and tortuous phone trees result in customer complaints, and make it difficult to reach a live agent.  When presented as an option, two-thirds of callers hang up and text, escaping indefinite hold.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With or without automations, agent can handle multiple simultaneous text conversations and text message, identifying  the problem upfront, allowing more efficient and direct assignment to appropriate agent. Targeted automations further boost productivity.


Intelligent Messaging Eliminates Annoying ‘On-Hold’ Wait Times

TDC BRIDGE™ promotes the modern call model, text first, then talk, if required. This model also allows customer to reconnect with same agent in the event of a dropped call.


Universal Customer Support

Customers may text in over 100 native languages and TDC BRIDGE allows agents to read and respond in their preferred language and customer receives translation into original native language.


No Applications to Install

Every mobile phone comes with SMS text messaging already installed and customers are very familiar with its use. TDC BRIDGE also supports all chat and conversations triggered from Social Networks acting as an omni-channel hub.


Secure Intelligent Messaging for Regulated Industries

Interconnection with multiple encryption platforms provides choice and universality within regulated industries requiring encrypted messaging in both transmission and storage, meeting HIPAA and FINRA compliance.  Additional multi-authentication tools available to ensure validity of smart phone users as well, as stricter security standards evolve.