Just like the customers they serve, agents can handle multiple texting conversations, for higher efficiency at lower stress. Integrate conversations and business data to create insights for better experiences.                      


Increase Productivity

With or without automations, agent can adress multiple, simultaneous text conversations. The text message identifies the problem upfront, allowing more efficient and direct assignment to appropriate agent. Targeted automations further boost productivity.


Multiple Conversations Conserve Manpower

Asynchronous nature of texting allows agent to handle multiple simultaneous conversations which is particularly effective during spikes and surges caused by outages or peak activity.


Connect to the Right Agent and Reduce Handling Time

Skills-based classification of a call center helps with effective assignment and seamless teaming. Agents and supervisors can ensure the most challenging questions get resolved correctly the first time.  Conversation transcripts move with the customer avoiding repeat questions and required follow-up can be streamlined through effective “pinning” of customers with teams or agents.


Targeted Automations Boost Agent Efficiency and Responsiveness

The platform uses simple to deploy auto-replies, group messaging, keyword management along with automation of rote tasks including data gathering, authentication and customer surveys.