Tap Into Texting and Grow your Bottom Line

Tap Into Texting and Grow your Bottom Line

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By Steven O’Brien Corporate purchasing agents are under increasing pressure to manage significant buying activities with tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. As business moves at a relentless pace, buyers are turning to mobile communication as their way of ordering, paying, tracking multiple shipments and counting inventory. Mobile communication moves at their pace, and more […]

Put A Leash On That Bot!

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As any dog lover will tell you, leashes are much more for the dog’s benefit than yours. Of course, a leash will help you keep keep strangers safe in his presence. But more than that, leashes keep your best friend safe in unfamiliar situations; your judgement is normally better than his.   The older your dog […]

Using Texting to Reach Millennials

Using Texting to Reach Millennials

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By Katelyn Morgan Millennials have grown up in an online, electronics filled, socially-networked world. They represent the future of commerce, and receive most of today’s marketing attention in an attempt to pick apart the inner-workings of their brain. One millennial trait is the preferred method of communication: texting. Unlike the teens from the seventies and […]

140 Years of The Phone System

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By Thomas Howe As we launched TEN DIGIT, we noticed two obvious facts seemed inconsistent First, messaging was becoming preferred to voice, and failing to use it was quickly becoming impolite.  We called this phenomena the modern call model: people message each other before they call, in order to avoid unnecessary interruptions for the other […]