Outstanding Value to all Customers and Stakeholders

  • Delivering superior products and services at exceptional value for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.
  • Working to remove friction from business communications using familiar tools like SMS text messaging.
  • Designing simple solutions to solve seemingly complex problems and integrating them with existing platforms and tools.

Solving Problems

  • Working closely with clients to solve problems through ingenuity, simplicity and practical design.
  • Relentlessly pursuing excellence in execution and implementation.
  • Using our own solutions to better understand our customers’ problems.
  • Bridging highly flexible internet world with the secure telecom environment.

Passion & Pledge

  • A deep commitment to our clients.
  • A dynamic team that espouses fun in passionate pursuit of innovation and excellence.
  • We are extremely dedicated to becoming better explainers, starting with how our product solves problems for our customers.

Team Work & Mutual Commitment

  • Achieving success through the exceptional performance of our people.
  • Our people give their best, collaborate with mutual trust and respect. listening actively and communicating openly.
  • Encouraging continuous improvement and best practices.

Social Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibilities are essential elements of our plans, including keeping call center jobs in North America, support of charitable causes, encouragement of volunteerism and development of the arts.

Careers not Just Jobs

We will work closely with Innovate Hartford to create substantial new jobs and offer fulfilling career opportunities.

Integrity, Professionalism and Accountability

  • Applying exemplary standards of professional conduct.
  • Holding ourselves accountable to all clients, colleagues and peers in delivering upon our commitments.