Tap Into Texting and Grow your Bottom Line

By Steven O’Brien

Corporate purchasing agents are under increasing pressure to manage significant buying activities with tight deadlines and even tighter budgets. As business moves at a relentless pace, buyers are turning to mobile communication as their way of ordering, paying, tracking multiple shipments and counting inventory. Mobile communication moves at their pace, and more importantly, it moves with them.

SMS text is now the chosen channel for a growing number of purchase agents. It provides them constant and immediate access to mobile sales representatives who manage the businesses accounts. Text inquiries can be read immediately whereas an email may take a few hours or even a day and the sales rep can respond while waiting in line at a food truck or sitting in a meeting.

The flexibility of texting provides a level of convenience previously unavailable to purchasing agents; such as answering questions, completing quotes on products, or order status updates as they conduct business say, from a warehouse.  

While this channel of communication is convenient for the buyer, it puts added pressure on the sale rep who must convert that message into an email, wasting precious selling hours.

However, having a valid SMS messaging system setup for both customers, buyers and a sales team can improve productivity, leading to an increased bottom line and happier customers.

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