Using Texting to Reach Millennials

By Katelyn Morgan

Millennials have grown up in an online, electronics filled, socially-networked world. They represent the future of commerce, and receive most of today’s marketing attention in an attempt to pick apart the inner-workings of their brain.

One millennial trait is the preferred method of communication: texting. Unlike the teens from the seventies and eighties, when Aqua Net reigned supreme, one might chat on the telephone with the extra -long cord, millennials hate talking on the phone.

Texting makes life easier. In fact, according to Forbes, text messages now outrank phone calls as the dominant form of communication among Millennials. 68% of 18- to 29-year-olds say that they texted “a lot,” which plunges to 47% among 30- to 49-year-olds and 26% among 50- to 64-year-olds.

So why hasn’t big business caught on? In some ways they have. However, the responders are usually bots stored with automatic replies based around the text sent. Additionally, most businesses such as banks or electric companies, don’t allow two-way text communication. It is a one and done.

TEN DIGIT Communications Intelligent Messaging TM platform allows for two-way texting communication which is designed to improve agents and customer interactions.  

Think about it: You’re sitting at a baseball game, you text your food order and copy of your license to prove age and boom, beers and hot dogs delivered to you without ever leaving your seat.

What about fixing your cable and being on hold forever. If you could text an agent, have that agent, a real person, text you back while you go on with making dinner. The constant rerouting and pre-recorded voice would be eliminated, making your life easier.

TEN DIGIT ‘s platform TDC BRIDGE makes it happen. The best part is you’re texting with a human, not a machine who only gives canned responses.

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