Introducing the Modern Call Model™

With TDC Bridge, customer care agents use texts, calls, and link sharing, so talking to mobile phone users is easy and friendly.

Intelligent Messaging™

Great conversations. Better outcomes. The best relationships

Increase Agent Engagement Increase Agent Engagement

Moving between text, voice and link sharing, agents handle more callers more efficiently.  Dropped calls, hold and wait times are eliminated or minimized.  Less agent stress and burnout.

Increase Customer Satisfaction Increase Customer Satisfaction

Long hold times and tortuous phone trees make it difficult to reach a live agent and drive customer complaints.  Given the option to text instead, two-thirds of callers hang up and text to escape holding.

Increase Productivity Increase Productivity

Just like the customers they serve, agents can handle multiple texting conversations, for higher efficiency at lower stress. Integrate conversations and business data to create insights for better experiences.                      

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TEN DIGIT Bot and Human Interface

As good as bots are, they don’t meet the emotional intelligence of humans. It’s a fundamental idea to be able to manage a conversation as it moves from humans to the efficiency of bots, this is where texting comes in. Texting manages both emotion and efficiency.

Living in the Future

Three major technology actors make up our platform, TDC BRIDGE™ .  Each one playing a role in customer experience and technology integration.

Updating and Accessing Data – An Essential Part of Business

Having your data available to you and your customers is important to running your business. In fact, knowing what words and phrases they are using and your response can mean the difference between excellent customer services and simply O.K customer service.  

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